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Avoiding the 'awkwardness' in salary negotiation Negotiating a starting salary can be more nerve racking than attending the initial interview.

Women earn less than men in 32 out of 35 sectors The government are encouraging organisations to appoint women to their boards.

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Advantage Resourcing believes that working in partnership with you means looking beyond a successful placement to deliver continual improvements to your wider recruitment processes. As a result we offer a variety of training days and workshops, free of charge. Topics covered can range from industry specialist discussions to legal guidance seminars and practical soft skill workshops.

We offer a range of services that focus on supporting you throughout and beyond the recruitment process.

We offer a range of FREE interactive and informative workshops for clients aimed at helping them to:

- Developing a proactive and effective health and wellbeing strategy

- Adapt to increasing demands of corporate life for long term success

- Developing the attitude and mind-set to thrive under pressure

- Developing a healthy workplace culture and engaged employees

Our next timetable of upcoming workshops will be shown shortly.

In the meantime if you have any questions regarding events please contact