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Avoiding the 'awkwardness' in salary negotiation Negotiating a starting salary can be more nerve racking than attending the initial interview.

Women earn less than men in 32 out of 35 sectors The government are encouraging organisations to appoint women to their boards.

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Market Report

The results of our latest report have shown a significant increase in confidence across the recruitment industry, with encouraging signs that all industry sectors can expect to see a rise in headcounts over the next 12 months.

The last 12 months has the seen the UK's economy continue to grow at its fastest rate since 2007. As a result, organisations throughout the recruitment industry are less concerned about the economic landscape. Only 7% of our surveyed respondents quoted the economy as their biggest concern when planning their recruitment drives. This is a marked improvement from our Winter Survey, in which 32% of employers still had considerable concerns over the economy.

The increasing confidence in the economy has led to encouraging signs in company performance across all industry sectors. A staggering 87% of employers are confident that their company will either maintain or increase its performance over the next 12 months. This number is a substantial improvement on our Winter Survey, in which only 53% reported the same. Increased company performance and growth has instigated a need for talent to facilitate the continued success of businesses. As evidence for this, our survey resulted in 92% of respondents stating that they will either increase or maintain their headcount this year.

As the market improves and companies continue to grow, there is evidence to suggest that the 'War for Talent' has certainly returned. 70% of surveyed employers believe a lack of qualified talent in the marketplace, or losing talent to a competitor are their biggest concerns when trying to attract talent.

To tackle this issue we are seeing an increase in companies utilising trusted PSL's and agencies, with 63% of respondents citing either of these as their preferred recruitment strategy. Coupled with this, organisations across the board are focusing on the use of innovative benefit packages as retention tools to ward off competitors.

Advantage Resourcing aim to build on what has been a great start to 2014, by continuing to develop partnerships with our clients and providing a quality and cost effective service. Our focus is to continue to source first-rate talent and increase retention rates for our clients by ensuring they are the perfect fit for success.

For discipline-specific reports, please click on the links below. If you have any questions or would like support addressing any of the issues raised, please don't hesitate to contact us

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