Umbrella Company Workers

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or about to get your first role, this info may come in handy.

Should you be contracted with Advantage Resourcing via an Umbrella Company, you will be working under a contract of employment, which will be issued by the Umbrella Company. In this instance, the Umbrella Company is deemed to be your employer.

An Assignment Schedule will be issued to your chosen Umbrella company prior to the start of an assignment. The Assignment Schedule will contain important information about your assignment, such as start date, end date, pay rate, hirer name and location, job role, and notice period.

All you need to know about getting paid on time


As an Umbrella Company Worker, you will be paid by your Umbrella Company.
Please note that all payments that Advantage Resourcing makes to your Umbrella Company will be inclusive of tax and NI contributions. It is the Umbrella Company’s responsibility to ensure that these are paid to HMRC on time.

Umbrella ASL

Advantage Resourcing operates an approved supplier list (ASL) of Umbrella Companies that have been selected based on their service delivery, compliance with legislation and best practice. The Umbrella providers we work with are fully accredited by the FCSA and comply with highest industry standards. Your dedicated consultant will provide you with a copy of our umbrella ASL.

Rounding up hours
Please round up any hours you work to the nearest quarter of an hour and make a note of any approved overtime worked.

Employment benefits

Your selected Umbrella Company will be able to provide information on employment benefits and statutory entitlements.

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