Lead Consultant

Jordan Regan


Jordan is an IT recruitment specialist focusing on IT Support, including:

  • First-line Support
  • IT Managers
  • Service Desk Teams
  • And Heads of IT

What’s important for Jordan in the workplace is culture, the ability to act on ambition and the social aspect.

He originally worked in car sales but moved into recruitment due to the autonomy and the opportunity to play a substantial role in transforming people’s lives. It’s a responsibility he values, making his role rewarding.

One memorable experience is placing a candidate who faced multiple rejections as second choice. Jordan’s determination to find the perfect skills and culture match ultimately landed, resulting in another rewarding outcome.

Beyond recruiting, Jordan’s a Man United supporter, following them to home and away games. He shares a passion for aviation, even tracking planes with a paid app. His love for travel has taken him to various destinations, with Ibiza being a favourite. Bangkok’s up next.

Both his personal and professional motto is “Why Not.” He’s always ready to embrace new opportunities and try something different,

If you’re looking for the best IT support, get in touch with Jordan!