• We set high expectations for individual, team, and company performance.
  • We take accountability for our actions.
  • We measure our performance and accept personal responsibility for our results.


  • We share knowledge and proactively communicate.
  • We work as a team.
  • We encourage others to express their views.
Mission Collaborative

Continuous Improvement

  • We challenge the way it’s “always been done”.
  • We ask for feedback on how we can be even more effective.
  • We listen to and support new ideas.
Mission Values Improvement


  • We treat everyone with dignity.
  • We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • We embrace diversity.

Customer Focused

  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We consider the impact on both internal and external customers before making decisions.
  • We strive to add value.

Integrity and Ethics

  • We do the right thing when dealing with people and business issues.
  • We ask what is right, not who is right.
  • We communicate with people openly and directly.

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